Ad: Magnetic Phone Holder

The Injamatt Eid Club has a number of magnetic phone holders for cars and other places. The set consists of one super magnet which can be permanently fixed to your car’s dashboard or windscreen etc. A small metal disk is fixed to the phone and with this, the phone is able to magnetically stick to the magnet. Both parts are connected to their respective positions using the two adhesive labels which come with the set.
When removing the phone from the magnet, make sure that you slide it off rather than pulling as this will protect the adhesive from being strained. Watch the video below to see how to use the set. If you have any questions, please use the form below:

Some of the print designs may differ to the images and video but all objects are the same.

These easy to assemble kits are available for only £1.85

Purchase the Magnetic phone holder online now using your credit/ debit card or Paypal account. We will send the collection code and details to your email address. Once you have made your purchase you can collect your item from the Ash Shifa shop located on St Saviours Road/ East Park Road, Leicester. Full address will be given via email.