Fiqh of Worship – Starts next Wed

Starting 31st Jan 2018 @ Darul Arqam

Wednesdays : 8.00 – 9.30pm

It is compulsory to have enough knowledge of the ‘Sacred Law’ that enables one to correctly fulfil ones daily obligations. Payer, Fasting and Zakat are religious obligations which we are demanded to establish in our day to day lives. How well do you know the rulings concerning the most important aspects of Islam ?

This course will cover a basic introduction to the most important aspects of our worship relying on some of the most authoritative compendiums of the Hanafi school. The course will also attempt to cover some of the technical aspects of the basis of the school, it’s inception and it’s growth. Course notes will be provided.

12 week course – For Brothers & Sisters, segregated facilities

@ Darul Arqam, 16 Thurmaston Ln, LE5 0TE

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