Belper Street politics

As you might be aware, Leicester city council have once again refused the application for a nursery and an evening madrasah on Belper Street.

The council asked to reduce the opening hours, we have done that.
The council asked to have a noise assessment, this has been done and we meet the criteria.

We have compromised in every way possible and we have met all possible requirements. Yet the council are refusing to budge.

It is for this reason, we are asking for as many People possible to attend the hearing at City Hall on Wednesday 31st January to show their support.

It is very important for us to show that we have backing from our community and we will NOT back down when faced with discrimination from the council.

We need over 200 people to attend as this will make the decision more favourable for us.

DATE : Wednesday 31st January
TIME: 5:30pm
ADDRESS: City Hall 115 Charles street LE1 1FZ

Sign this petition to beat the Islamophobia on Belper Street: