New Madressah Forum meeting

25th February

This week, the head of OFSTED made clear her views on the relationship between Islam and education.

In’shaAlllah, on the 25th of February we’re bringing ulema, academics, professionals and parents together for a unique symposium. Looking at what the problems facing our children in madrassahs are, we’ll see what some of the solutions are, how we can work in multidisciplinary teams, and how we can encourage best practice across the country in Quran, Islamic studies, Arabic, and Islamic manners and personality.

This event is for everyone who has an interest in Islamic education and a passion for the progress of our children. We especially want people from different communities to attend.

As a community, we need to be proactive, before we have legislation imposed on us, which may be detrimental to the Islamic wellbeing of our children.

To help rejuvenate the madrassah system, please ask all of your contacts to register at:

If you have any questions please do get in touch


The New Madrassah Forum