Belper Street application rejected

Brief update on Belpher application.
This was rejected by planning committee 5 – 2 (1 abstention)

Key points
• Highways agency had no objections on traffic grounds.
• Site currenlty has permission to be used 7am-11pm as a factory with no restrictions on cars, HGV deliveries or number workers hours.

Council planning Officers, Keith Vaz MP (who also opposed Thurnby lodge peace centre) and 5 councillors opposed on the following grounds .

Hours of usage (9am-7pm).
Number of users (6-50)

Keith Vaz even pointed that there’s a mosque on Asfordby Street.

None of the arguments should have really stood up to proper scrutiny but clearly some of the committee had an agenda. The Council planning officers have clearly shifted the goal posts from their initial advice.
Inshallah if the plans go to appeal an independant panel (free from political interference) will approve the application

Councillor Thalukdar and
Councillor Kote both supported the application.

Nothing from the Mayor Peter Soulsby

All others opposed the application so you should not forget this when voting in next years council elections.
If any of you are members of the Labour party you can also deselect these people when they ask you to support them as your area Labour party candidate later this year.