Sex Education & PHSE

You may have received many messages over the last few days regarding the above subject and requesting you to fill out a consultation.

Many have still not filled it out and it’s important for those who are *worried about the upbringing of their children or grandchildren,* to spend 15-20 minutes from the time which the Almighty has given to respond to this consultation. In brief *would you be happy for your child of 4-7 years old being taught or indoctrinated about Sex (outside of marriage), Homosexuality, Undermining the natural tradition of Marriage, etc*

Alhamdolillah the ulama have prepared a guide to make it easy for us all to fill out this consultation. It should take you no more than 15-20minutes.

If you have any concern for  the future of our children & grandchildren then please reply and I will forward to you the links & prompts for answers to help you to fill out the consultation which consists of 7 questions .