Leicester to Bulgaria

Assalaamu alaikum ww, Alhamdulillah brothers from Leicester had the opportunity to visit the muslims of Bulgaria, in the balkans region. Many Areas where discovered where majority of muslims reside. In the city of plovdiv like other cities there are many Muslim locations in need of Masjids and madrasahs, Alhamdulillah we’ve embarked on the initiative of building two masjids with madrasah facilities.
We request all muslim communities to assist and make dua for this noble course.

1. Project, Village Name: Kribul, Building 2 Class Rooms for Madrasah, Toilets, whudhu khana and Kitchen for Masjid,

Total Cost: £4000

2. Project. City Plovdiv, Location Banderitsa, NEW MASJID BUILDING. Phase 1 Masjid Structure.

Total Cost: £7000

Donate By Direct Bank Transfer,

Bank: Barclays
Thurmaston Educational Trust,
Account Number: 93324176
Sort Code: 20-49-17
Ref: BGMasjid/ BGNewMasjid



Ref: BGMasjid/BGNewMasjid

Contact: Ml Zakariyya bika 07707753378

Ustadh Suhail Amod 07961267207

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Bulgaria Masjid Projects

Al-ianah Welfare and Thurmaston Educational trust: Charity no: 1160076

Jazakallahu khaira

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