Funeral rites

Time & Location
15th April 2018
Jamîatul Muminat, 49 Rolleston St, Leicester LES EST, UK
About The Event
A matter that everyone believes in, the Muslim, Jew, Hindu and
even atheist – the belief that sickness and death is a reality to be faced by all.
It affects the rich and poor, white and black, evil and good. Even the best of mankind, the Messenger who said on his deathbed
“There is no deity worthy of worship besides Allah, indeed the pangs 0f death are severe!” [Bukhari]
Ever wondered,
•  How do l handle a family member falling Ill?
• What do 1 do in their final moments in this world.7
• How do I wash and shroud the deceased?
•  How can I benefit my dear loved one after their death?
•  What are the procedures of burial?
• What is the correct etiquette of consoling the bereaved?

Who is this course for?
Every Muslim striving to practice lslam correctly and looking to increase her attachment to the Hereafter.
Course materials
When you sign up for a course, you will be given a course
notes. This will stay with you for your future reference.
What will I learn?
• Sickness and the final moments
• Death and its reality
• Washing and shrouding with practical demonstrations
• Rules pertaining to still birth and miscarriage
• Benefiting the deceased
• The sunnah method of consoling the bereaved
• Related innovations

What will you come out with at the end of the course?
Course notes that summarizes the most important rules of
bathing and shrouding of the deceased.
A detailed knowledge of how to benefit the deceased after they have left us.

An understanding of the legal process of registering a death.
An understanding of related innovations that we need to avoid
and comforting others over their loss.

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