Online Taraweeh Training Course 2018

National Huffadh Association UK presents our 3rd annual:

*Online Taraweeh Training Course 2018*


Sunday 6th May


4pm – 7.30pm (GMT)
6pm – 9.30pm (CAT)
12.30pm – 3.30pm (EST)



This course will be streamed LIVE on Facebook globally InshaAllah via:

_This course is primarily to educate those Huffadh who are leading the Taraweeh prayers this Ramadhan. Whether you are an experienced or non-experienced Imam, InshaAllah you will benefit in some way_

Course instructors:

1. *Mufti Mohammed Wasim Khan (USA)*

_Developing Khushoo & Virtues of leading Salah_

2. *Mufti Zeeyad Ravat (Australia)*

_’Fiqh/Essentials of Salah’_

3. *Qari Is’Haaq Jasat (UK)*

_’Quraan Recitation & Hifdh Tips’_

4. *Shaykh Sulaiman Ravat (South Africa)*

_’Social Etiquettes of a 21st Century Imam_’

*The course will also feature a Q & A at the end with the above Shuyookh*

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📞 +44 7957 734 732

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JazakAllah khair