Fake Halal chickens also gassed

It is with great regret that we have to inform you that mechanical slaughter of poultry is still taking place and being sold in the Halal meat sector each day. These products are also being sold with a Halal certificate legitimising the products in question. According to a study commissioned by HMC in 2009 over 94% of Muslim scholars did not agree with mechanical slaughter as being an acceptable method to slaughter Poultry.

A new phenomenon which has started to become the norm in the Non Halal sector is the gassing of chicken. This is where chickens are placed inside a gas chamber and suffocated to death. It has now been brought to our attention that this practice has now been mobilised in the Halal food sector which is extremely worrying, as this does not conform to the criteria of Halal. Furthermore it has also been brought to our attention that these products are being sold in the name of Halal with a Halal certificate.