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22 thoughts on “Requests”

  1. Could you tell me if there is any jumma prayer facilities in grove park business area. My son has just started a job at grove park.

    1. Wa Alaykumussalaam

      Paramount Knitwear have jumua prayers. They are based in Meridian Business Park.

      22a Centurion Way, Meridian Business Park, Leicester, LE19 1WH

      All are welcome. They have a prayer room for all salah.

    2. Sister, ask your son to try British Gas. Think they do Jummua’h. If not then he can travel to Paramount Knitwear near Makro.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum
    Respected Brothers can you please get me a timetable for April for Masjid Ar Rehman. I am a female unableto get one from the Mosque. I always rely on your web site. Your kind assistance will be very much appreciated. May the Almighty Allah reward you all for all your efforts in serving the community.

    1. Thank-you for notifying us. To access the app from the ‘Request’ page, please click on your most viewed timetable and save that page as a web app.

  3. Salaam,

    Masjid Usman/Markaz times really need an update.

    Jazakumullah and may Allah reward you for all your efforts.


    1. There is a big difference of opinion as regards the time for Sehri between all the mosques. I have just looked at a handful of timetables showing a total of 5 different times for this month (September 2015) so I don’t think that I can honour your request. The start time for Ishaa is also spurious.

  4. Assalamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh
    Is there an early Jumu’ah salah time for winter
    preferably before 12:30
    Jazaakallhu Khayran

  5. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

    Is it possible to have the Ramadhan timetable for both Masjid An-Noor and IDA as they are currently missing.

  6. Salaam Aliekum, I am new to the area & looking to see where the nearest prayer facility to Groby is for the friday prayer during my lunch break. Could you please let me know where is closest and what time they pray?

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